Buddha incense burner


Today, there are more than 500 million Buddhist, which makes it the fourth largest religion in the world! It is a very large community, which have different Buddha incense holders. Buddhism proposes a set of religious rituals (prayer, dedication), ethical practice, psychology, philosophy, cosmopolitanism and cosmology from the perspective of enlightenment.

In Buddhist culture, which is known for cultivating compassion and well-being on a daily basis, a Buddha incense holder is used to pay homage to Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha by dedicating a stick of incense to him and burning it on an altar or a sculpture of his likeness.

This ritual is both a way for the monks to pay homage to the founder of the Buddhist school of thought, and a way to relax by concentrating on a simple activity that provides an unequaled sensory experience.

Indeed, an incense burner with the effigy of the Buddha is an inspiring handmade sculpture that required all the passion of craftsmen. These small statuettes modeled on the features of the enlightened Buddha, is seen by Buddhists as a way to relieve stress by remembering all the path taken by their spiritual leader to reach nirvana. They diffuse good natural incense scents with soothing virtues while bringing a Zen touch in the room where they are placed.


Our Buddha incense burners are handmade according to traditional methods that have been passed down for generations. The artisans carefully process the details to obtain high-quality finished products, making them fully suitable for Feng Shui or Tibetan-style interior decoration.

You can use Buddha incense holders as incense sticks holder but also with back flow incense cones. We also offer a wide range of Buddha incense burners made with different materials to suit your desires:

Ceramic Buddha incense holders

If you are looking for a ceramic incense burner, you will find what you need. You will find plenty of ceramic incense burners. The perfect gift to offer you or to your loved ones!

Cay Buddha incense holders

If you are looking for zen with a clay Buddha incense burner, you have come to the right place. You can find the best Buddha censer made in clay suitable for any zen and spirituality lover. Some features are that the sitting Buddha performs morning prayers. Others are composed of standing Buddhas for more primitive decorations. In a yoga room, meditation room or just in the living room, you will find its place so that it can bring a peaceful atmosphere to your home.

Silver Buddha incense holders

Less common, but just as appreciated, the silver Buddha incense burner adds an original and peaceful touch to your home. Ideal to burn your incense cones or stick incense, it is a unique decoration that greatly contributes to bring good energy to your environment.