Dragon incense burner

There is nothing like being able to rest in a few minutes after a long and difficult day of work. The dragon incense burner, still not very common in the West, is an integral part of Asian homes.

These incense burners are handcrafted in the image of the dragon with stunning detail. With a tail covered in scales, giant wings spread, sharp fangs and horns, this fabulous mythical creature comes to life in your room. This fantastic creature is very present in the culture of Southeast Asian countries.

Indeed, dragons are the symbol of power and wisdom in Asia. They were found on the traditional clothes worn by emperors and many important buildings have statues of dragons at their entrance, as they ensure their protection.


Today, dragon incense fountains can be found in many homes, providing comfort, well-being and protection for families and their guests. Dragon reflux incense burner is very suitable for small and small spaces in homes, temples, halls, etc. They are both useful and pleasant sculptures as they allow the burning of incense and reassure by their imposing and protective side.

This figurine of a dragon carved in clay that acts both as a support for incense and as a decorative element to chase away negative energies, according to popular beliefs.


Discover a wide choice of dragon incense holders. They are handcrafted and produce a beautiful billowing effect that gives the impression that smoke is escaping from the mouth of the giant lizard. Once lit, the incense smoke spreads along the holder to give a soothing effect to the mind while enjoying the benefits of burning incense.

If you are looking for an aesthetic and quality incense holder with the image of this fantastic creature that is the dragon, you will certainly find it in our collection. If you're looking to bring a Zen touch to your decoration and balance the energies with the help of your favorite mythological creature, these incense burners will bring you the greatest satisfaction.

Use Feng Shui to decorate your home a dragon incense fountain and help Chi to circulates in the best way in your environment

Dragon incense burners have the particularity of balancing energies according to people who own one and who are interested in environmental harmony.

Indeed, the scary side of the dragon plays in our favor to chase away negative energies, which allows to rebalance the ratio between yin and yang in a room. If you are looking for a decorative object made of natural material to add an Asian touch to your interior, then one of our dragon incense burners will indeed fulfill this role to harmonize the energies in your home or office.

Bring inner peace during your yoga with a dragon incense holder

Practice a relaxing activity with a dragon incense burner. Soothe your mind during your yoga session with the dragon incense holder that will accompany you in your meditation. With the incense, the smoke oozes downward through a mysterious dragon. Like the dragon, the reflux censer is powerful and boldly emits fragrance.