Incense sticks

Purity and fragrance to the living space are the main characteristics of incense sticks, and it is easy to obtain when you decide to buy one. The history of incense can be traced back to ancient Sanskrit, and it was used to release ghosts. However, there are few incense sticks on the market that contain natural oils from flowers and resins.


The incense stick has a history of a thousand years. We imagine it burning in a sacred ceremony or in a yoga room in a Tibetan temple. It is one of the first natural products used by humans for spirituality, aromatherapy and meditation. These aromatic sticks made from natural ingredients have now become part of our daily activities.


The incense stick is very practical. Once burned, it can keep the room calm for a long time, freeing it from fouling pollutants and negative energy. It can transmit good vibrations to fight against bad energies. Incense sticks are used for ceremonies with incense holders. The released smell is soothing. It can mask other odors and help purify negative waves.

Through different scientific studies, it has shown that incense can help enhance inner peace. If you are mentally stressed and restless, it is likely to cause different health damages to the body. Incense fills ether with positive energy, which is why it is used to create a spiritual atmosphere and the main reason why it is very suitable for meditation.


If you are looking for high-quality 100% natural incense, you will find it in this collection. We provide natural incense sticks of myrrh, cedar, lemongrass and many other fragrances to create a relaxing atmosphere and purify the air.


Burn your incense sticks in a well-ventilated room, because incense sticks produce smoke. Be careful not to place your incense in places susceptible to drafts, this will prevent it from going out. Also, avoid placing them near flammable sources.

1. Light up your incense stick. You can use a match, a lighter or a white candle unscented.

2. Keep the flame between 10 and 12 seconds to consume the incense stick. The end of the incense stick will become incandescent. The formation of embers indicates that the incense stick is burning in good condition. If the incense stick goes out, repeat step 1.

3. Lightly shake the incense stick. It will extinguish the flame, leaving the smoke following the chosen incense, which will release its fragrance after a few seconds. If your stick has no "ash" or smoke at its end, start again from step 1.

4. Place your incense stick in a suitable holder. You can find suitable holders on our online incense store, so you can burn your incense safely. If you do not have a support, ideally use sand, salt ... to allow you to stick your incense stick.

If you want to stop the diffusion of this last one soak its end in sand, salt or in a little water, in order to extinguish your stick of incense