Sitting Buddha incense burner

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  • Backflow incense burner: Chase away negativity and stress with this incense burner and its sublime smoke effect. A zen accessory inspired by Asian culture, ideal to improve the Feng Shui of your home.
  • Compatibility: Incense cones
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 12*8 cm
  • Handmade

Meditate with the greatest serenity with the sitting Buddha incense burner

This handmade incense holder represents the Buddha in a sitting meditation position and dressed in a toga of various colors. His face is calm and serene as he meditates near a waterfall created by the flow of incense released by the cone.

In order to strengthen and protect oneself against these nuisances, a Buddhist tradition consists of using a Buddha incense burner, to light incense cones and sticks to breathe good perfumes and forget one's worries.

You will quickly notice that this incense holder produces an almost instantaneous effect of well-being in a home. 

Find inner-peace with this beautiful Buddha incense holder

This beautiful Reflux Incense-Holder will offer you a superb falls effect thanks to the incense smoke that will gently flow down. Watching the smoke cascading will mesmerize you!

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